Officers of the South Central Province (1999 -2000)

John P. Russell, Jr., Polemarch
 Knoxville Alumni
 Leonard Sanderson, Senior Vice Polemarch
Louisville Alumni
Derrick Craig, Junior Vice Polemarch
Beta Mu
Alex D. Atkinson, Keeper of Records
Hendersonville Alumni
 James Dukes, Keeper of Exchequer
Nashville Alumni
James Lester, Strategus
Lambda Iota
Gabriel Franceshi, Lieutenant Strategus
Lambda Iota
Rodney Diggs, Parlimentarian
Hendersonville Alumni
Quincy Birdsong, Historian/Reporter
Murfreesboro Alumni
Randall Madison, Chaplain
Clarksville Alumni

 Board of Directors
Frederick Daniels, Clarksville Alumni
William Haston, Nashville Alumni
Willie L. Richardson, Lambda Iota
Eugene Shaw, Lexington Alumni

 Grand Chapter Nominating Committee
Prentice Jerry Siegel, Louisville Alumn
Paul K. Falkner, Kappa Beta

Province Nominating Committee
Henry Atwater, Nashville Alumni
Keith Jackson, Lexington Alumni
Darrell Ranson, Murfreesboro Alumni

Committe Chairmen of the South Central Province

Achievement Committee
Jessie Apple, Jr.
Chapter Advisor
Randall Madison
Community and Social Action
Adrian L. Jones
Constitution and By-Laws
Jessie Joseph and  Wayne Carlton
Fiscal Planning and Review
James Dukes and Gene Shaw
Guide Right
Chris Ramsey, Chattanooga Alumni
Kappa Foundation
Walter Odom, Knoxville Alumni
Membership Reclamation
Frederick Daniels and Paul Falkner
Membership Services
Victor Alexander and Roderick Head
Senior Kappa Affairs
Marvin L. Cousin, Jr., Chattanooga Alumni
Province Program Planning
Shiekh Faye and Deldrick Gray
                                      Time and Place - Mark Rigsby, Knoxville Alumni
                     Policy and Rules - Leonard Sanderson
            Budget and Audit - Willie Brooks
 NominationsJerry Siegel
                    Undergraduate Summit - Deldrick Gray

Special Committees

Life Membership Program  - James Stafford, Memphis Alumni
Governance Task Force Review - Shiekh Faye and Deldrick Gray

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